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text iq calculation

Algorithms are „cool“ and run anything these days: from your smartwatch to the chatbot you are asking about stock trading options online.

From time to time we find useful algorithms for usage in a specific field; if you do what I do here, measurements about your key performance indicators (KPIs) is all around your texts. So of course this cool text iq calculator (or estimator, as it’s officially called) was of utmost interest to me:


Basically what it does: you input your (preferably English written) text with at least 50 words into the text field and hit the button „Estimate IQ of text author“. The result should be pretty self-explanatory.

For the light-package travelers, here is what to make up of the results by the author of the webapp:

„As accurate as one would expect such an algorithm to be. As „proof“ I have run the algorithm on a few examples, and you can see that the results aren’t surprising (nor should they be).
* Stephen Hawking, using his last paper as the sample, achieves an IQ of 151.
* Alexander Hamilton, using Federalist paper number 6 as the written sample, achieves an IQ of 166.
* Testing different CNN reporters using their articles, I got IQs ranging from 102 to 127.
* Testing different 5G-coronavirus conspiracy theorists using posts from one of their Facebook groups, I got IQs ranging from 75 to 89.“

Let’s run it and see how I’m doing there, shall we? My last five English language contributions here:

https://gizmeo.eu/banksy-in-lisbon/ – Estimated IQ: 102 (above average)
https://gizmeo.eu/armageddon-sounds/ – Estimated IQ: 110 (above average)
https://gizmeo.eu/review-stray/ – Estimated IQ: 107 (above average)
https://gizmeo.eu/neuromancer-vs-my-gpu/ – Estimated IQ: 135 (genius) (hint: I had quotes in here from Cyberpunk mastermind himself in my text, William Gibson…)
https://gizmeo.eu/cpu-dreams/ – Estimated IQ: 101 (above average)

Not bad for a gadget weblog! And English isn’t even my primary language. Take that, CNN, harhar!

Final verdict: if you want to have a quick check if what you are reading in English is not done by a full retard, https://writingtoiq.com/ could be very useful. I didn’t find a source code reference and could do a quick check of the algorithm but the app does what it promises. I can recommend it.

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