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banksy in lisbon

I was lucky to see Banksy in beautiful Lisbon. It’s the irony of life that although he had some public screenings already in my German home region, I needed a trip to a foreign country to be able to see his work personally.

So without further ado, here what could be seen for 12€ in Capsule Gallery Rua Viriato, 25-B1050-234 Lisboa:

The exhibition was on two floors, I arranged the uploads here like you would encounter them when you start it yourself. So the targeted peace pigeon is really what you could see at the end. Shortly before you could leave to the left or shop the merchandise to your right. The exhibition there will last until the end of December.

Although I feel a certain outdated spirit when regarding his stuff today, I still think a lot of messages still hold a high relevancy. Like when you think „you were told about before, so don’t say you didn’t know“. This is important. And invaluable. But will vanish, probably without any trace, over time.

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