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Artikel-Schlagworte: „stray“

review: stray

There’s something romantic and beautiful if you can get it right from a cyberpunk perspective when even AAA titles fail completely in our current times. I’m glad about the gaming experience we are able to have in „Stray“! Read here in short why.

Above: launch trailer for „Stray“, available since 09/20

You play as a cat!
I can’t remember this was tried often in the past but being able to perceive the world from a cat perspective is a rather unique experience. You realise during the game that there were other thoughts put into this piece of software as in „Blade Runner“ (1997) or „Cyberpunk 2077“ (2020), for example, which is nice. In 95% of the cases this works like a charm. In the other 5% you ask yourself why you can’t proceed or the developers won’t let you proceed. Because as a cat, you would have tried it the cat way there.

The cat wears a backpack!
The funny part is, you don’t get it from the beginning of the game which is fresh: of course we all need to learn how to be a cat, there’s no time for gimmicks at first. But when you get it, you learn that it even has space for your personal drone. Which acts as your companion throughout the game, can give you hints about the world and characters, as well as be the tech or hack aspect we love to have in any cyberpunk game. There are surprises too here with this drone but these I won’t spoil. Just play it. Just this: if you’re lucky you can even customise it in game, be it the skin or you get buttons to wear for done robot tasks.

There’s a button to meow!
In the beginning you think this is another gimmick in this specific game. But while you progress throughout the game you realise this is your only way of communication (of course, you are a cat!), so you fastly start to love it. It’s one of those fine small features we love from indie games. And „Stray“ surely delivers with this. Up to the point that if you own a cat and press this button, be sure your real cat is responding in a way or the other.

The soundtrack!
Sounds and music, all original. Gamers couldn’t be more satisfied here!

The world is believable!
Of course there were real life examples for the unique city you experience in „Stray“ and its story. However, the way it is built here (for the cat) as well as the cyberpunk elements all over the place just hit the nerve. You possibly won’t believe what’s it all about until the very end, when the secrets are lifted in a very great finale. I’m 40 and I was impressed, hit back really. If you think throughout the game you already saw the saddest elements, you will be surprised. Again, I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say it sent shivers down my spine.

Of course there are some negative elements too which you could mention but these are not critical for the overall game experience: it’s a bit short (10 hours if you collect all the memories), as well as technologically a bit behind with version four of the Unreal engine. But it’s an Indie game, so I didn’t care much and you shouldn’t either. If you are interested in cyberpunk topics, you’ll love it and it’s a must-have!

.: recommended! :.
Stray cover

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