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my light cone

„in general relativity, the future light cone is the boundary of the causal future of a point and the past light cone is the boundary of its causal past.“ [wikipedia.org] This feed lists the stars in your personal light cone.

Coming: Chi Draconis (3 weeks away)
Chi Draconis is 26.3 light years away and only 3 weeks from the outer surface of your light cone – your ever-growing sphere of potential causality – which began its expansion from Earth on your birthday.

30. Pi-3 Orionis
Pi-3 Orionis is 26.2 light years from Earth. It was enveloped by your light cone 2 weeks ago.

29. Alpha Lyrae
Alpha Lyrae is 25.3 light years away.

28. Alpha Piscis Austrini
Alpha Piscis Austrini is 25.1 light years away.

27. HR8721
HR8721 is 24.9 light years away.

26. Mu Cassiopeiae
Mu Cassiopeiae is 24.6 light years away.

25. Beta Hydri
Beta Hydri is 24.4 light years away.

24. 107 Piscium
107 Piscium is 24.4 light years away.

23. HR222
HR222 is 24.3 light years away.

22. HR6426
HR6426 is 23.6 light years away.

21. HR753
HR753 is 23.5 light years away.

20. Xi Bootis
Xi Bootis is 21.9 light years away.

19. HR8832
HR8832 is 21.3 light years away.

18. Delta Pavonis
Delta Pavonis is 19.9 light years away.

17. 82 Eridani
82 Eridani is 19.8 light years away.

16. HR7703
HR7703 is 19.7 light years away.

15. 36 Ophiuchi
36 Ophiuchi is 19.5 light years away.

14. Eta Cassiopeiae
Eta Cassiopeiae is 19.4 light years away.

13. HR5568
HR5568 is 19.3 light years away.

12. Sigma Draconis
Sigma Draconis is 18.8 light years away.

11. Alpha Aquilae
Alpha Aquilae is 16.8 light years away.

10. 70 Ophiuchi
70 Ophiuchi is 16.6 light years away.

9. Omicron-2 Eridani
Omicron-2 Eridani is 16.4 light years away.

8. Tau Ceti
Tau Ceti is 11.9 light years away.

7. Epsilon Indi
Epsilon Indi is 11.8 light years away.

6. 61 Cygni
61 Cygni is 11.4 light years away.

5. Alpha Canis Minoris
Alpha Canis Minoris is 11.4 light years away.

4. Epsilon Eridani
Epsilon Eridani is 10.5 light years away.

3. Alpha Canis Majoris
Alpha Canis Majoris is 8.6 light years away.

2. Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri is 4.4 light years away.

1. Sun
The Sun is right here.


„… einen sehr interessanten Eindruck von der Größe des Universums gibt, indem man sich als RSS−Feed anzeigen lassen kann, welche Sterne der Galaxie sich in dem Lichtkegel befinden (und neu hinzukommen), der sich seit der eigenen Geburt von der Erde aus ausbreitet.“ [via]

calculate your own light cone: http://interconnected.org/home/more/lightcone/.

now, interpret it!

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