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    • c1ph4 on R.I.P. GameRankings!: “Hija, Neil! Thanks for getting back at this and sharing alternatives with us! 🙂 To me „OpenCritic“ sounds very promising…Jan 14, 19:36
    • Neil on R.I.P. GameRankings!: “There are new aggregators that one can use in place of GameRankings.com. There’s https://opencritic.com, not as extensive but offers a…Jan 14, 14:32
    • Borno on siliziumbasiertes leben: “interessant! dankeDez 13, 22:10
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www . cipha . net
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cell processor rox, fuck INTEL
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aol sucks cock!
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Ahhh, sehr nice:


„Medium is Bad. Stop Using It.

There are a number of problems with Medium and its content. Medium is very slow (compare). Medium’s paywall is an insult to good journalism by forcing specific users to pay for content of often questionable quality. The Medium paywall also makes for a suboptimal user experience. When sharing a Medium article, there is a high degree of uncertainty that the person opening the link will be asked to pay money to read the content. The Medium membership model doesn’t work for several folks (likely you too). But, most importantly Medium dilutes your brand and negatively impacts essential metrics. If that’s not enough read more on Why Medium Actually Sucks.“

Auch auf die Gefahr hin, dass das Folgende jetzt wieder arrogant klingt: baut eure eigenen Websites, dammit! Das Web wurde um diesen Gedanken herum erbaut.

Und mein persönlicher Käse zum Schluss: mistrust anything built by Twitter guys. Period.

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